About Yogantra

About Yogantra

“A Deconditioning and Healing concept developed by Kassandra Claudia Henao.”
Personal structure is conditioned throughout the womb and childhood towards a “pattern”. In the later years we react to a situation in the same “pattern” and this kind of behavior repeats itself. We keep asking ourselves why things never change. This is simply because the “pattern” represents obstacles, it take us away from being ourselves and being happy.

Providing seminars and healing processes helps to identify conditions in a different context and situation, moving away the “pattern” and experiencing yourself at a deeper level of consciousness.

The principle is like a lotus blossom, unfolding the “pattern” to reach the deepness in you and experience the happiness of NOW. Yogantra works with a synergy of diverse healing methods, such as traditional homeopathy and other vedic healing techniques (Yoga, Tantra, Chakra, Prana, Vaastu) in combination with European therapy approaches (WOMB, Childhood process, Intrauterus, Psyschodrama, Trauma, Sexual Grounding, Bioenegertic, Family line-up, diverse communication and expression techniques).



“A synergy of a traditional European approach and new-age Indian homeopathy.”

Practice for naturopathy and traditional homeopathy

  • Pregnancy, new born, children and adult
  • At acute and chronicle diseases
  • At physical, emotional, and spiritual symptoms

Individual treatments for

  • Conflicts in many kinds: at work, personal, in a relationship
  • Mother-child relationship
  • Difficult children
  • Heart ache in many kinds


Homeopathy seminars

For basic understanding of homeopathy that you can apply to your family and at home, Kassandra offers different seminars in family centers and kindergartens.
“Body and soul are one; the body reflects the symptom of diseases in spiritual impact of life energy.” (Samuel Hahnemann)

Kassandra and her work

Kassandra and her work

Kassandra Claudia Henao was born in Medellin, Colombia. She studied at the University of Medellin, where she also started her yoga exercises. In 1984, she came to Germany and studied to be an alternative practitioner, her main focus was traditional homeopathy. She visited many international homeopathic schools for advanced studies in India, Netherlands, Italy, and South America. In addition, she is qualified in bioenergetics, breath and chakra healing, family line-up, sexual grounding, and Vaastu.

Throughout her experiences she has developed her own concept of healing work which she named “YOGANTRA”.

No one understands culture better than Kassandra: she has the temperament of a Latino, the spirit of an Indian, and she understands the German way of thinking.



Prenatal consciousness

Heart transformation

The birth of the divines

Light in the darkness

New Year Celebration

Parent-Child Seminar


Power of men: father, son and masculinity

Power of women: mother, daughter, femininity



Chakra Healing

Farewell and Sadness


Yoga – Breath and Life

Yoga – Breath and Life

“Yoga - Asanas – Pranajama – Meditation”
A combination of different yoga practices: Kundalini, Hatha and Ashtanga yogas.

  • Weekly courses in Frankfurt and Nieder-Seemen.
  • Yoga workshop at the weekend.

5 Element Healing Practitioners

5 Element Healing Practitioners

(by Sri Kaleshwar, certified by the Union German Healing Practitioner)
Daily routine is filled with pressure, exhaustion, overload and negativity. Power, joy and life energy are missing. But you can change!!!

The 5 Elements Healing Practitioners teach you the techniques to bring back power, joy and energy in your life. You will learn to understand different characteristics of natural elements that are Earth, Fire, Water, Air, and Aether and also how to regulate these energies in you. These will positively affect your daily routine in different areas.
Often what you see or what you heard are not what you feel or perceive. The consciousness swings in an energetic environment which are the five elements. The seminar helps to bring those energies in balance not only in yourself but also in interaction with people surrounding you. The elements give you the anchor to lean on upon difficulties and serve as a tool to protect yourself from negativity or blockade.

There will be 5 meetings for the course. In each meeting Kassandra will explain you the power of each elements in theory and teach you how to experience in practice.

The offer is a healing practice for the world and can be held in different languages (English, German, Spanish, and Vietnamese) and places of your choice, either via web or on-site. For interest please kindly contact mail[at]yogantrahealing.com.